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DIY Laundry Detergent

on September 5, 2012

Here is another thing I learned from the great PINTEREST. DIY Laundry Detergent, now I was a bit scared about this one because I have horrible eczema and lots of things make me break out and when I find something that doesn’t I really don’t want to try something else but this was and is a lot cheaper than what I was using so I tried. I must say I really love this detergent now! I use it all the time and it is so cheap and easy to make so is the recipe I use.

1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax- Found in the detergent aisle

1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda- Found in the detergent aisle

1 (3 lb) Container of OxyClean- Found in the detergent aisle. (This is optional but I highly recommend adding it)

3 (14.1 oz) Bars of Fels Naptha- Found in the detergent aisle (or you can use 2- Zote Soap Bars, they don’t sale these at the grocery store I shop at so I use Fels Naptha, I did find the Zote at Lowes though if you can’t find it at your grocery store)

2 (2 lb) Boxes of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda- Found in the cooking aisle (You could also get 1 4 lb box, we just couldn’t find it when we went)

1-2 (55 oz) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric softener Found in the detergent aisle (I use 2 and the yellow one, if you want a lighter scent I would go with the purple one.)

First you will need a 5 gallon bucket or a plastic tub or something to store it in because it makes a lot. Also be sure to keep the purex bottle because you can use it and it’s lid. Now, the first thing you will want to do is grate your soap bars. If you have a food processor with a grater attachment this will make your job go a lot faster (or if your kids are bored and need something to do) :).  Once the soap is grated just mix everything together. I like to mix a little of each thing in at a time to make sure it is all mixed us well.  Now remember that purex bottle I told you to keep scoop some of the mix into that bottle and use it. The lid on the purex bottle has three lines on it, the first one being approx. 2 TBS and that is all you need for each wash. Now I have two toddlers and one is potty training and the other one still has accidents from time to time so I like to add 1/4 vinegar to my rinse cycle too, to get all the gross pee pee and other stuff out.  Like I said I have eczema and this doesn’t bother me one bit and it smells good and gets our clothes clean.

 I lost my cap this time so I just use the oxiclean scoop now. 🙂

Rating: 3 stars, easy and love it!

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